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EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021
Review on Key Takeaways and Attendees’ Feedback
The EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021 took place 10-11 June 2021 in an online event format.

With a participation of 135 participants from 23 nations the 19th EMVA Business Conference provided a total of 20 speeches, two fireside chats and two CEO/Management panel discussions and covered virtually all current actual economic and technical topics that the machine vision world currently deals with. During the individual B2B sessions about 90 virtual bilateral video meetings were arranged between conference attendees before and after the conference program in the afternoons. Read more ›
EMVA1288 Standard

New Release 4.0 in Effect
The EMVA recently announced that the new release 4.0 of the EMVA 1288 Standard for objective characterization of industrial cameras, which is successfully used worldwide, has become effective.

The release takes into account the rapid development of camera and image sensor technology. The documents of the standard are published here. The EMVA 1288 standard, hosted by EMVA, is part of the global G3 standardization initiative in which the five leading machine vision organizations A3, CMVU, EMVA, JIIA, and VDMA cooperate.
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EMVA General Assembly elects new Board
The General Assembly of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions taking place in an online format June 1st, 2021, has elected the new EMVA Board of Directors. For the upcoming three-year term, the new board consists of nine members. Read more ›

In a series of emotional farewell video statements many leaders of machine vision players gave their tribute to Gabriele Jansen who chose not to candidate for another term. Gabriele Jansen has been founding member of the EMVA and Board member since the association was established in 2003, making her the longest serving EMVA Board member in the association’s history.
From 2003 – 2009 Gabriele Jansen served as EMVA President.
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EMVA welcomes new member

Neousys Technology Inc.
Imbedded systems, GPU computers and modules. With all products designed, assembled and built in Taiwan, Neousys aims to accelerate the application developments for industrial automation, machine vision, transportation, AI training and inference systems. Our patented products feature effective, simple and yet robust architecture and the machine vision platforms offer highly integrated vision controllers. Our product line also has expandable box PCs, GPU computers, compact fanless edge AI computers, PCIe/ USB frame grabber cards, LED lighting controllers, and more. Read more ›
Online Training: Colour Pipeline of a Camera
How to make a beautiful colour image out of the signal delivered by a sensor?

The training will start with a short overview of the sensor and the lens, and will then dive into the details of a “standard” colour pipeline that is used to make a colour image out of the raw sensor signal. The training is accessible to designers, development and test engineers that deal with colour cameras.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen
Date: 5. und 6. Juli 2021
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Online seminar „X-Ray Technology for Industrial Quality Assurance“
The next Fraunhofer Vision seminar on “X-ray Technology for Quality Assurance” will take place on Thursday, July 8th 2021 as a one day online seminar.
The participants will get an insight into industrial x-ray technology and learn more about the possibilities and current limits of non destructive testing with x-ray in order to deduce consequences for the investment planning at their own companies.
As usual, the workshop will consist of a theoretical and a practical part.

EMVA members get a 10 percent discount on the participation fee
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Macnica ATD Europe and InnerEye sign distribution agreement.
Macnica ATD Europe distributes the Brain-In-The-Loop system from InnerEye. Based in Israel, InnerEye is combining human intelligence and AI into a unified learning and decision making system. The technology is directly connecting between the user’s brain and the AI models combining them into a unified system called Brain-In-The-Loop. This innovative system is addressing challenges in development, training, and personalization of AI models, specifically for computer vision, and uniquely enables a real-time collaboration between human users and the AI model for faster, more accurate and flexible decision-making. Read more ›

Kibele-PIMS Shows How Imaging Ensures Food is Reliably Sorted and Packaged
Fully Automated Packaging Systems Use Reliable, Durable Cameras to Ensure Sufficient Resolution and Speed for Flawless Sorting and Packaging

In their facilities in Istanbul, Kibele-PIMS has developed and commissioned two state-of-the-art, fully automated systems for the Unilever companies Knorr and Lipton, where food is identified, sorted and then stacked on pallets by robots. The larger of the two systems was built for Knorr. Its task is to classify the types of soup, sauces and other company products, packaged in small batches, that are delivered from production via a 27-meter-long feeding conveyor, and then to transfer the identified product types to the respective packing station.  Read more ›

High performance cameras with powerful 40x autofocus-zoom
The Harrier 40x AFZ camera is compact and light yet powerful enough to be ideal for a range of applications including surveillance, defense, transport, industrial inspection and remote monitoring. The HD-VLC® model supports high-speed video transmission up to 3Gbps over very long cable lengths and slip rings, further increasing its flexibility.
Due to their high speed and ease of control, the cameras are particularly well-suited for use in applications where real-time data acquisition is essential, for example, mounted on UAVs and ROVs. Read more › 

New High-Speed Module For Modular 3D Sensor
A sensor speed of up to 26 kHz, a resolution rate of 4,096 measuring points per profile and a data interface for 3D sensors according to the latest standard: The cx4090HS is the first sensor module of the new C6 series from AT – Automation Technology, which complements the modular 3D sensor concept. With a factor of 1.8, the module is almost twice as fast as the previous 4K models of the C5 and MCS series, so that the measurement possibilities in the 3D sector thus reach a completely new level. Read more ›    
Direct control: 65 MP cameras for Canon EF lenses
Two new 65 megapixel cameras enhance the Baumer portfolio of high-resolution and robust 10 GigE cameras of the LX series. Thanks to an integrated EF mount, Canon EF lenses are easily configured via Baumer GAPI, Baumer neoAPI, or third party software to allow the focus and the aperture to be dynamically matched to the applications. External accessories and associated cabling become completely unnecessary. Read more ›    
CoaXPress-over-Fiber: Gaining momentum with camera maker adoption
In an effort to extend the benefits of CoaXPress to applications where traditional copper coaxial cables are reaching a ceiling in terms of speed, total bandwidth, weight and distance, Euresys is now promoting the new CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge protocol. Originally developed by Euresys / Sensor to Image, CoaXPress-over-Fiber is the result of the cooperation between the members of the CoaXPress Workgroup. The new standard has now been formally adopted and published by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) as a further enhancement to the widely adopted CoaXPress interface standard, allowing for broad industry adoption. Read more ›    
New Corning AF Explorer now in Macnica ATD Europe Distribution Portfolio
Macnica ATD Europe has started distribution of the new Corning AF Explorer kit, a comprehensive platform realizing fast and reliable Auto Focus based on Corning’s Varioptic Liquid Lens technology. It consists of several PCB boards with associated software and is provided in a ready to use format. The kit is best suited for camera developers who want to evaluate and study characteristics of the liquid lens; let it be imaging performance, autofocus performance, or any other standard camera function. In addition to the evaluation platform, the kit can also be proposed as a reference design.

Next-Generation Ruler3000 Offers a Fastrack to Breakthrough 3D Vision Power
SICK has unveiled the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer a fast track for integrators to harness the unmatched speed and measurement precision of SICK’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. The SICK Ruler3000 sets a new standard for high-speed 3D image quality in an easy-to-integrate, pre-calibrated device. Read more ›    
New lenses for 1.2" sensors with high imaging performance and image position stability
Schneider-Kreuznach introduces the new, robust Xenon-Jade lens family for 1.2" sensors.
The five lenses with a speed of 2.8 and focal lengths of 12/16/25/35/50 mm are suitable for pixel sizes down to 2.4µm and are therefore well suited for use in combination with Sony's IMX253, 420/425 and 530/540 sensors.
The lenses already offer particularly good imaging performance at open aperture - with either visible or IR illumination. Read more › 

Autonomous optical angle measurement for press brakes
Vision Components provides powerful OEM laser profilers for checking the angular accuracy in sheet metal bending press brakes. The VCnano3D-Z 3D line sensors reach measuring rates up to 400 Hz and a typical accuracy of <±0.1°. They can be directly connected to the machine's PLC for real-time control of the contact pressure, in order to boost productivity and efficiency of press brakes. Delem, a leading manufacturer of controls for sheet metal machines, has already completed the integration of the laser profilers in its controllers. Read more ›   
Upcoming Highlights
As the organization of and participation in events in the near future are currently subject to significant disruption in the context of Covid-19, we monitor the situation closely and we will inform you of any cancellation, necessary arrangements, planned postponement, or alternative forms of holding our EMVA events.
Measurement World

07 - 10 September 2021
Eurexpo Lyon, Lyon, France
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Vision 2021

5 - 7 October 2021
Stuttgart, Germany
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